Mother Tree Interns with Director Kelly Greblo

Magic was in the air in 2015 when Jesse  presented the capstone project  in the Mother Tree Birth Doula Internship--to launch the first Birth Monologues in Portland, OR. Led by the expertise and direction of then intern Director Kelly Greblo, the first Birth Monologues play as a birth awareness event and fundraiser was born.   Under Kelly's direction, now a successful founder of Brave Birth,  a second season was produced by Mother Tree and presented by the Interns in 2016.  Thousands of dollars were raised for furthering the support of birth and the doula profession and the formation of the Oregon Doula Association.

Contributors: Kelly Greblo, Emily Smith, Brooke Miller Jarvis, Ashley Edgette, Elizabeth Keenan, Erin Sheava, Fay Pooler, Katie Freund, Lindsay Wasko, Luna Lea, Lynn Dunn, Molly Milne, Nicolette Wessling, Samantha Tobey, Tisha West, Ashley Conger, Bonnie Sparks, Brenda Steurer, Brook Roberts, Jenna Chidester, Jessie Mangual, Rachel Emery, Victoria Becker, Vondra Cael, Todd Greblo, Christine D’Esposito, Alexander Lumiere, Bryna Sampey, Christina Copeland, by Irene Sandler, Rauna Otteson, Erin J. Bernard, Dr. Sara Ohgushi, Savannah Charlish, Lisa DiDonato Brousseau, Meggie Feutrier, Denise Pasquinelli, Jenna Napier, Bryna Sampey, Lani Jo Leigh, Isabella Troccoli, Hanna James, Zachary Rihcard, Otter Goodfellow, Jospeh Vermeire, Elijah Ashbey, Gwen Hamann, Allison Winningstad, Sweethome Teacup, Gwen Hamann, Korin Mout Rasmussen, Sean Bowie, Katie Joy Duke, R.K. Powers, J.H., Whitney Bard with B.Design Company, EarthMama Angel Baby, Megafood, Badger Body Products, Emily G Photography, Brave Birth, BirthingStone Doulas, Doula Love, Mother Tree Birth, the Clinton Street Theater,