Jesse Remer (producer)

Jesse Remer, is a visionary in the field of integrated  women’s healthcare. She brings her skills as a doula, trainer, educator, speaker, writer, change agent and resource to support the creation of new models of maternity care.

Her inspiration sprung from her own journey as premature baby, born with only as 20% chance to live and double pneumonia. 

For the past decade she has supported healthy birth outcomes an International Birth/Postpartum Doula Trainer, Lamaze Childbirth Educator and Founder of Mother Tree International. She has supported thousands of families and doulas in the childbearing year worldwide (from Iceland to Texas). Her company, the largest doula organization in the Northwest grossed annual sales of $400,000 for over a decade. Prior to her doula career she immersed herself in peoples stories as a news journalist and marketing director for theater events centers and hospitality. She thanks her parents for always encouraging her to stay in the drivers seat for what she believes in! www.jesseremer.com www.mothertreebirth.com


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BLythe metz (producer)

Dr. Blythe Metz is a Metaphysician, chef, entrepreneur, actress, artist and natural lifestyle expert.  Her show, Blythe Raw Live, was the first live stream show to be licensed by Hulu after its global success on Ustream. She created a digital course, Healthy Recipes In 5, which has raised considerable amounts for KPFK public radio in Los Angeles. Her show, Blythe Natural Living, teaches 5-minute raw food recipes, gluten & dairy free cooked food recipes, fresh and easy baby food recipes, therapeutic home spa treatments, and the very best in natural lifestyle tips and suggestions. You can see clips on the Blythe Natural Living Channel on Youtube.

Blythe gave birth to her first child at 37 years old.  It didn’t go at all in the ‘natural lifestyle’ way she envisioned.  The experience was traumatic and wrought with life lessons. She is passionate about supporting mothers-to-be in the extraordinary experience of childbirth. The experience is as unique as each human being birthed, and our awareness and allowance of the majesty is key.