the birth monologues

What is The Birth Monologues?

Inspired by the belief that birth is not an isolated event, as a doula, Remer dedicated her life to listening intently to the birth stories of the women she cared for. Her own birth story also became a guiding force in her path as a journalist, doula and birth justice advocate and also sparked the conception of the ...“The Birth Monologues.”

First performed live on stage as a charitable event, the acclaimed play and upcoming book, “The Birth Monologues”  presents the beauty, the love, the trauma, the accomplishment and absolute miracle that is birth, the singular most formative event that affect us all.


Drawing on the raw theatrical brilliance of the Play, the book will include stories that span pregnancy loss,  prematurity, water birth, teen motherhood, cesarean birth, racial discrimination in the maternity ward,  orgasmic birth and even transgender pregnancy and parenting.



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Birth Stories

We want to hear about your birth story from your perspective and in your unique voice! Every birth is powerful in its own right. And we love to hear the particulars. From 8-mile wide vaginas to unexpected cesareans, from secret orgasms to hear wrenching loss..., or any other important background pieces necessary to tell the story.



feeding stories

Breasts, Nipples, Public Displays of Nursing, Engorgement, Bottles...feeding our babies is an amazing journey filled with pride, adventure, lessons, bliss, advocacy and challenges. Nothing in life is simpler than the desire to nourish the child in our arms but at times harder than anything life throws us at 1 am and again a 3 am and....well we want to hear your nitty nippy, nursey, nunu, numnum stories from day 1 to weaning....


Helper stories

Wow! So here you are in this amazing whirlwind of the childbearing year--but standing side by side to the dynamic birthing duo before you.  Partner, Sister, Grandmother, Doula, RN, Midwife, so many ways this is your birth too. Knee deep in hours of hip squeezes, amniotic fluid filling your shoes, throats sore matching the low moans of the birth song. Such beautiful birth junkie moments witnessing the extraordinary in the ordinary events of birth that call us exquisitely to return again and again.