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The Books

In this empowering masterpiece and instant classic, the stories of over 100 births are told in all their astonishing glory. The beauty, the love, the trauma, the absolute miracle that is childbirth. The book aims to connect us all as humans, to share stories that offer comfort and guidance to those who are about to give birth, and the those that stand beside them in a brand new experience. The Birth Monologues book series illuminates the power and majesty we each demonstrated at our own birth.  Books to follow in the series: The Birth Monologues; Father's Stories, Feeding Stories, Helper Stories.

Drawing on the raw theatrical brilliance of the Play, the book will include stories that span pregnancy loss,  prematurity, water birth, teen motherhood, cesarean birth, racial discrimination in the maternity ward,  orgasmic birth and even transgender pregnancy and parenting. Authored by The Birth Monologues creator Jesse Remer and Dr. Blythe Metz